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We can assist with serious traffic violations, reckless driving, speeding, hit-and-run and domestic violence cases.

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No one plans to be charged with a criminal offense in Miami. At Carlos Gonzalez Law we handle all federal law and criminal law — felonies and misdemeanors — including the following:

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The legal system can be intimidating, especially when you and your lawyer are speaking different languages. At Carlos Gonzalez Law, we speak English and Spanish and handle complex criminal cases.

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Let us assist you with your criminal case, we have high dismissal rate and solutions, call or text our office at Carlos Gonzalez Law and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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Any traffic violation charges, speeding tickets, DUI, hit-and-run accidents, drivers of all kinds in traffic court of Miami Dade and Broward, Florida. We advise on burglary and theft domestic violence and child abuse, drug crimes and fraud charges, weapons and drug offenses,

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Traffic ticket attorney for citations and DUI offenses. It is a criminal offense and many penalties can be imposed. I know the law and know it well. Paying the ticket DOES NOT make it go away. Call +1 (786) 358-6888 to fight back.


Mr. Gonzalez has extensive criminal trial experience. He has handled DUI, DWLS, Sex Crimes, Forgery, Battery, Drug related cases.


The lawyer-client relationship communications are privileged and confidential.

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Our goal is to get positive results while protecting you from punishment and long term consequences for your life, career, education and family.

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No one plans to be charged with a criminal offense. At Carlos Gonzalez Law we handle all federal law and criminal law — felonies and misdemeanors — violent crimes, warrants, white collar crimes, criminal mischief and more.

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Freedom should not be something you have to earn. It’s something you just naturally have. Something that no one can take away from you. I always got your back no matter what!

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